General Guidelines

These guidelines cover the entirety of the site and all TW imprints. Specific categories will be listed within their individual submission calls.

  • Thirty West Publishing does accept previously published work with proper literary acknowledgment, however, we will not accept reprints of entire manuscripts. Any manuscripts submitted during unsolicited periods and/or contests must be unpublished as a whole.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but a note must be left in Submittable. Please withdraw and email us if it becomes accepted elsewhere.
  • We are open to many themes, styles, and forms. We enjoy the succinct; your honed dagger into the heart of this world. Even some experimental and avant-garde will be considered. Surprise and entertain us so we won't forget your name. We will not accept aphorisms, fan fiction, erotica, or any racial/religious/gender/nationality slurs unless you identify with such.

To consolidate, we combined all the submissions into one! If you wish to support this fledgling endeavor monetarily, please submit any of the 4 categories here. The same rules and guidelines apply per category. Thank you for your patronage!

Thirty West Publishing House